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Michael and Naomi Carlsson Lihue, Hawaii
We are writing this on behave of Brenda's care and grooming of our wonderful Grand dog Kauai. Our daughter's dog is a beautiful Golden Doodle and we had the pleasure of taking care of her dog (named Kauai) for several months in 2012 and 2013. Kauai needed to be groomed on a regular basis and we determined Whiskers was the best vendor on Kauai to meet our needs. On our first visit to Whiskers, we had the pleasure to meet Brenda who was responsible for grooming and taking care of Kauai while at Whiskers. Our daughter had written up instructions for the groomer to follow so his haircut would be completed exactly as she desired. Kauai was a bit nervous when we arrived at the Groomer, but Brenda made him feel welcome and completely at ease. We left Whiskers feeling like our pet was in reliable hands and he wasn't afraid to be left out of our immediate care. After Kauai's appointment was finished, we came back to Whiskers to pick him up and take Kauai back home. Our dog was in a wonderful mood and extremely happy to see us again. His grooming was beautiful and Brenda had followed our daughter's instructions perfectly. We're so thankful to have met someone so caring and personable such as Brenda. She really takes pride in her job and we looked forward to bringing Kauai back to see Brenda each month thereafter for his regular grooming appointment. Thank you Brenda for investing your time and love into the work you do. We certainly appreciate your partnership and Kauai does as well!


Dianne Murphy, MD, Alexandria Virginia
Brenda was my Pet Sitter and dog walker while she lived in Washington D.C. When Brenda left for Korea both my dog, Mr. Fluffy, and I were in for quite a shock. I had taken over Mr. Fluffy's care after my Mom died and then I suddenly needed some help as my job was in Maryland and my home in Virginia. I really lucked out in finding Brenda. Brenda helped both of us adjust to our new lives and every holiday she made sure Mr. Fluffy had the proper festive outfit for his holiday photo. We had only a year of her love and caring help before her husband was transferred to Korea. What a reality test did I have coming, first my neighbors hinted that the person was not doing a good job and then a dog owner who was doing renovations on a project in my house finally said something to me. He said he knew it was not his business but he owned a dog and wanted me to know what was going on. It took me 3 tries before I found a neighbor whose kids loved playing with my dog and before I reached the same state of comfort I had with her, in knowing my dog was being cared for by a loving person who knew what she was doing. The best of luck to her in her new business and I know there are some lucky animals who will be coming to her.


Peggy Yatsuoka, Kauai Hawaii
Brenda was the best groomer for our little girl, Princess Baby. She treated our Princess Baby like she was her own. Plus the groom she did on her is the cutest and best ever she has ever received. You are truly MISSED here in Kauai Hawaii!!!


Anneke Penne, Professional Groomer and Registered Nurse
I was very fortunate to meet Brenda in grooming school. I was even more fortunate to work with her after graduation as well. Brenda is wonderful to work alongside with and a true inspiration. She is always striving to be her best and learn whatever she can to make her grooming skills superb. I also had the opportunity to pet sit for her and I know how well she takes care of her own dogs. She treats every dog and cat she meets the way she would take care of her own. Mountain Home you are truly fortunate to have Brenda!


Tamzy Christensen, Mtn. Home Idaho
Very pleased with Barks & Bubbles Pet Spa, she was very good with our little one, he took to her instantly.


Mona K, Kauai Hawaii
"The Dog Whisperer" is what I call Brenda Schwarze. How she keeps all her different dog 'personalities' straight I don't know, but she'll know your dog (or cat) in a heartbeat & they'll remember her. And love her as much as you will. Thumper loves Brenda!


Elizabeth, Atlanta Georgia
Brenda Schwarze has made our life with our two dogs so much easier. Diet, grooming and health issues she is able to help with all of it. She is really good with the dogs and is able to communicate with them and ease their anxieties. She is very good at her work and I cant imagine anyone would regret using her services and her advice. A true professional and a skilled "dog whisperer".


Brenda Hatcher, Kekaha, HI
Brenda is an amazing groomer and does an exceptional job regularly grooming our dog, Tori. She thinks Brenda is the greatest and is always super excited to see her. She always looks and smells great for days. Brenda has the magic touch and was able to get our nervous dog comfortable with getting her nails trimmed. We wouldn't think of having anyone else groom our dog and we feel so lucky to have her taking care of our fur baby.


Dana Martin Chicago, IL
I was always so pleased at how beautiful my dear Libby, an American Eskimo Dog looked after spending the day with Brenda! She did such a beautiful job washing, drying and trimming all the straggly ends. Libby was always happy to see her and her happy troupe of Jack Russell Terriers. Brenda is knowledgeable, patient and her genuine love of dogs shines through on every dog she greets. We wish her the very best in her new home and business. She will be a great addition to Mountain Home!


Elizabeth Schwarze, Atlanta Georgia
Brenda YOU are the "dog whisperer"


Susan Davis, Kauai Hawaii
Brenda groomed my two miniature Schnauzers with care and precision. At one point, she suggested diet and supplements to address a problem my dogs were having and she noticed a small tumor on Fritz' side as well. I can highly recommend her work, professionalism, and kindness to my dogs.


Georgia Maloney, Kauai Hawaii
Brenda was our favorite groomer! She carefully listened to what type of cut we wanted and she was always most helpful with her suggestions for diet and controlling our little dogs big appetite. We have missed her but wish her well in her next endeavor. I tell people that she suggested to put golf balls in Shumai's food bowl to slow her eating down and how well it worked and even our vet was amazed at how it controlled her weight. A great tip! We lost Shumai to cancer in August....she was almost 12 years old but much too young to go, we miss her very much.






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